DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The Dothan City Commission met on Tuesday morning and approved another infrastructure project and this one is expected to make one intersection safer for pedestrians and drivers.

According to Kevin Cowper, the City Manager for Dothan as construction on the intersection at Ross Clark Circle and Highway 84 enters its final phase, the city thought it was important to bring street lights to this part of the highway.

“That we get the lighting installed as the improvements are being made,” Cowper said. “We’ve worked with al-dot to coordinate to get the lighting installed at this time.”

The lighting was expected to be installed in about five years. The partnership between Dothan and ALDOT will allow the city to purchase the lights and be reimbursed half a million dollars needed for the project.

When the project is complete, lights will be added from Bauman Drive south to Meadowbrook Drive, then from Fortner Street back to Bauman.

“I think most people will say they would prefer a driving environment where there are lights,” Cowper said. “This will provide adequate lighting so you’ll be able to see anything happening with other vehicles, pedestrians.”

According to Cowper, the lighting at this intersection has caused major problems. He said the city is always getting reports of pedestrians being struck by drivers during night hours.

“Different infrastructure projects, roadway projects, water and sewer projects, other utility projects, the necessary infrastructure to keep us all moving in our cars,” Cowper said.

The city manager, of course, wants to remind residents, although it might be annoying anytime they see projects or construction going on throughout the city it’s a sign of healthy growth.

We will of course keep you updated with the development of this project.