DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Around 80,000 cars travel on 84 West daily, and events like Wired and The Future Masters add 15 percent to the traffic volume.

The improvements to Ross Clark Circle is supposed to help ease the traffic volume on the west side.

This project is Dothan’s largest road work project estimating between $30-$40 million.

The improvements will be broken into several phases. Phase one is happening between Bowman Drive to the south of 84 West.

“A phase of 84, which has got to be widened through that area along Krispy Creme all in and outside the circle, it goes back all the way to Inglewood and comes all the way out to Flowers Chapel Road on that portion of 84,” Dothan Public Works Director Charles Metzger said.

The road will be transformed into a six-lane road similar to 231 North. Metzger said the construction will be tough now, but once it is completed, it will be an improvement for everyone.

“If you don’t have these improvements, if you don’t get these things done, then you get more and more people avoiding Dothan as far as shopping and other things,” Metzger said. “You got to have the growth of the number of lanes in what you got out there or like you say you went have people saying I’m not getting in that area is not gone deal with that situation.”

Metzger believes the project will take between three to four years to complete.