GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN) — Geneva County School board members voted 3-1 not to renew Samson Middle School Principal Edie Hand’s contract, and now the principal is speaking out.

After five years, her tenure is coming to a close at the end of the school year.

“Heartbroken of course because I have enjoyed my time at Samson Middle School,” Hand said. “Again, phenomenal staff and faculty, community, and students I couldn’t have asked for a bigger support system I hate that I didn’t do enough. I don’t know what I could have done differently or better.”

This comes after Hand received a letter from superintendent Becky Birdsong at the beginning of the month that her contract would not be renewed.

Hand said she hasn’t done anything wrong in her tenure, but she said the letter highlighted she needed to work on her communication skills.

Other than that, she said she didn’t get much feedback positive or negative.

After providing board members with documentation, she’s glad they had the chance to review it for two weeks, but unfortunately, they didn’t rule in her favor.

“I think it was a personal decision and not professional but I’m not 100 percent because of course there’s no feedback on that, but I think the support of my school and community shows that I do my job,” Hand said.

This tends to be a trend for Samson schools. The past decade they have seen a constant turnover with school principals and now there will be another new face next school year.

As for Hand, she’s not sure what her future may hold.

“I have a young child at home and she comes first and now she will actually have the opportunity to be first,” She said. “Whoever comes in to replace me I hope they realize a special faculty and community kids are getting.”

Geneva County Schools Superintendent Becky Birdsong and board members declined to elaborate on why they made the decision.