DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — During the school board meeting Tuesday night, school board members listened to comments from the public in regard to the disciplinary decision they made for Dothan High school football coach Jed Kennedy.

In a crowded room with football players in attendance, Angela Godfrey a mother of a football player along with 10 others went to the podium, and over half expressed their support for Coach Kennedy.

She says not only has coach Kennedy changed the program but the youth’s mindset academically and socially.

“On Friday nights we know where our kids are and we know they are excited to be on the field and they are in tuned in there and afterwards they go straight home and not hanging out driving fast in the parking lots they are more discipline now,” Godfrey said.

A few weeks ago, Coach Jed Kennedy showed some undisciplined actions as a video on social media showed him pushing an assistant to the ground during a go-ahead touchdown against Opelika.

“I saw it in person and the impact of it was so devastating,” Darryl Roberts said.

“I called the coach personally that’s the relationship we have and he was remorseful for what he did everything that took place and how things happened is not supposed to be agreed on,” Godfrey said.

The school board ended up suspending him for a week. For Godfrey, she says it was a bad decision but decent punishment.

“I could see if they said we’ll take your pay but it affected him not being there with the kids,” She said.

Roberts is questioning the policy he believes the decision came too fast and needs more investigation.

He says keeping him on staff was the wrong decision.

“Those statements were so poor and they give the superintendent all of the power,” Roberts said. “If he makes all the decisions, what’s the point of a school board? When this happens to the parents’ kids that spoke what are they going to say?”

The school board is sticking by its decision until further notice.