ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — Shiloh community residents have been dealing with troubled waters for a few years, but with groundwork taking place Friday residents are optimistic a fix is in the near future.

After residents documented multiple excessive flooding complaints to State Representative Rhett Marques to give to the Alabama Department of Transportation, they have now hired a survey team to figure out what’s turning a community into a lake during heavy amounts of rain.

“We have done everything we can like I put these pipes in,” Timothy Williams said. “We can’t do anything else but wait on the state it was a relief to see them out here trying to fix the situation.”

An ongoing situation that residents say was created in 2018 when Highway 84 West became a four-lane and was elevated above their homes. They say the pipes under the highway are turned towards them which is making them a dumping site.

“We don’t know if we gotta evacuate and if it gets really bad we’re gonna have to leave because we can’t get out of our yards,” Williams said. Just like this storm that’s coming it’s alarming to us because it’s going to bring a lot of water with it.”

Williams said some of their homes have already started to sink and are on the verge of collapsing.

“A major concern to us because sometimes surveyors will come and say hey it’s nothing we can do, but we can buy you out and that’s not what we want,” He added. “It’s peaceful over here.”

Although the problem is far from being solved, they say they will continue going the extra mile and getting parties involved that will help them get the attention and help needed to make their home much safer.