DALEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — Daleville police continue to look for the suspects’ involved in a mobile home shooting last weekend. Although no one was seriously injured, authorities say it could have easily turned into a murder case.

A bullet hole can be seen in the vinyl siding of this mobile home on Chestnut Street at the Daleville Mobile Home Park. The bullet then went through a neighbor’s manufactured home, but fortunately, no one was injured inside.

At around 9:15 last Saturday morning, two men came to the home with the “pretense” to purchase a vehicle from the homeowner. But instead, they attempted to tie up the homeowner. At one point, his girlfriend came from a bedroom with a gun. A gun battle ensued with the suspects, and the female suffered a gunshot to one of her legs. The suspects then fled the scene.

Daleville Public Safety Chief John Coleman says “suspects immediately drew firearms and attempted to take the homeowner, take him to the ground, tie him up. At that time, the gentleman’s girlfriend came from a back bedroom and surprised them. That’s when gunfire erupted between the two.”

Mike Gurspan says “several residents that we spoke with said they did not wish to appear on camera, but one nearby neighbor says that she is in fear for her family as well as herself and that she’s thinking about moving.”

An unidentified neighbor says “I received a call from my child about what was going on and the police were all over the neighborhood. A neighbor told her at the shooting was when somebody tried to rob the homeowner. It truly rattled my nerve and made my decision that it’s time to move.”

“Always be very careful when allowing somebody to come to your home. I wouldn’t recommend allowing them inside your home at all for one, but always be aware of your surroundings and listen to your gut, it’ll let you know if something’s wrong” according to Chief Crawford.

Chief Crawford says they don’t have a good description of the suspects or the vehicle in which they left in.
The chief hopes they can be identified and arrested, because they pose a threat to the public.