ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — The family of Richard Matthew Smith is searching for more answers regarding their loved one being killed inside Enterprise Walmart Wednesday night.

It’s been a miserable two days for Natalie Stanfield and her family as this scene keeps popping up in their heads-when her brother-in-law was killed.

“It’s a lot to take in, you don’t expect something like this to happen,” Stanfield says “As a family, we just feel like in the mix of all this tragedy it’s unfortunate that maybe we haven’t been heard as much as we want to be.”

Brittany and her husband Matthew were making a normal shopping trip to Walmart, but it turned into a tragedy. She says it stemmed from road rage.

“She was waiting for cars to come by, the car behind her was highly impatient laying on the horn it just highly upsetting them and her husband just threw up his hands as we can’t go,” Stanfield says

They noticed the driver pulled into the parking lot too. Matthew and his wife parked in an uncommon spot near the garden section and tried to wait five minutes due to the driver being heated at the moment and they also wanted to avoid running into him in the store.

However, they did and that’s when an argument started in the pharmacy area and it escalated.

“The guy flashed his gun at Matt and Matt said what are you going to do shoot me and he never grabbed his knife,” Stanfield said.

Stanfield says the two men backed away for a brief second until yelling started again.

According to Stanfield, “Matt was gonna approach him and before he got 8 to 12 feet away he started shooting. He was laying on his back, his shirt came up and you can see the knife in his pocket.”

Stanfield says this is heart-wrenching because Matt has always been a peaceful person who despised altercations and loved making others happy.

“The way the story is being told we know that’s not him.”

The family is putting all of their trust into the Enterprise Police Department but it’s also turning to the public as well.

They are being told Walmart video cant be obtained so they are urging the public and businesses to share videos for investigation purposes.