GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN)—With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, prices at the pump have “skyrocketed” to even greater heights.

In Alabama, the consumer currently pays 18 cents in-state sales tax. Recently, Governor Ivey has taken
criticism from her two main opponents: the former U.S. Ambassador to Slovenia under “then” President Trump, Lindy Blanchard and
businessman Tim James for not temporarily “suspending” the state’s 18-cent per gallon fuel tax.

Geneva resident Jackie Morris says “yes it is because you have to take children to the doctors, go to sports events and everything, it’s kind of hard on a fixed income.”

Tayler Davis of Geneva says
“It’s hard, I have two kids and it’s hard for me to provide shelter along with food and get them to where they need to go.”

Recently, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp “suspended” that state’s 29-cent per gallon fuel tax.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has discussed the possibility of lifting “the sunshine” state’s 26 cents per gallon.

Mike Gurspan says “A Florida resident that we spoke with from Bonifay says she hasn’t really seen much of a difference as far as the prices.”

“Do you think if the governor suspends the state sales tax that might help? No, no, why not? Because gas companies will just go up” says Linda Sapp of Bonifay.

At one Geneva service station, customers complaining about the “rising” in fuel costs is nothing new. But, the
The possibility of “suspending” the Alabama fuel tax is pretty much a unanimous consensus.

Mckenzie Jones of Geneva says “They hate to see them go up, but once they go back down and stay down everybody is happy, but once they go back up it’s a different story. Everybody I back to complaining. They talk about not even getting out of the house, not even wanting to go anywhere.”

In 2019, the state legislature approved a gradual increase in the fuel tax over a several-year period.