ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — Over the last month, life has been rough for Sharon Kennard as she has been on the road constantly tending to sick family members.

Now, life has thrown another curveball her way — Sunday morning she lost her younger brother in a car crash.

“Two weeks later somebody comes to my door and like your little brother is gone,” Kennard said. “I’m like lord I’m not gonna question you why but this is getting too much and it’s so close to the holidays and my young brother is not going to be here.”

Deanthony Dmarcus Young known as ‘Scoot’ to family and friends was heading home from work near the Ozark area along Highway 51 near mile marker 13 when the impala he was driving collided head-on with a Dodge Ram.

According to the Alabama State Trooper’s Office, he was not wearing a seatbelt at the time.

Although the crash is still under investigation, Kennard has been staying in touch with the Coffee County Sheriffs who were on the scene.

“He’s figuring that the Dodge Ram ran straight into him or who ran into who and it just crushed him and pushed the front up to him because he was just sitting there deceased,” She said.

The driver of the Dodge Ram, Raymundo Jimenez, is in surgery according to law enforcement. Her family is praying for his recovery as well.

Kennard says she’s going to miss her baby brother “Scoot” coming to raid her refrigerator for sweets.

“I tell him boy gone and sit down you don’t need nothing else you already big enough, he knows I joke with him like that,” She said.

She said he had a bubbly personality with the greatest smile that could light up any room.

“He just wanted to have fun and go out and be around my friends and make sure everybody is laughing, people loved him he was that type,” She said. “He was a great young guy when they say God takes the good ones he took a good one.”

Kennard said she has one message for others and that’s to love your family. If you have a problem with a family member, try to make it right because you never know when their last time on earth will be.