ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — Small business week is wrapping up for Enterprise and a popular clothing store, Yancey Parker’s, has had a great turnout, with some people coming around for the first time since the pandemic.

“We have had a fun week and we’ve had a lot of people in we haven’t seen in a while. There are still people getting out, so to speak, it may have been a little shutdown, its some of our older people,” one owner of Yancey Parker’s, Addison Paul said.

According to the Pauls, plenty of shoppers have been getting ready for mothers day in advance, but others seem to be procrastinating.

“We’ve had people that started a month ago, and we’ve had a lot of work this week. Some people work better under pressure. As long as they remember mom, that’s all she wants,” Addison Paul said.

Although gifts can be part of Mother’s Day, some people just want to spend the day with family.

“I’ve decided ill see my older sister. She lives in Daphne and ever since my mother passed away, she has been like a mother to me,” Shopper Robin Foy said.

“My niece is cooking a dinner, so I’m going over to her house. And my mother will probably be over there and my dad and probably my sister,” Shopper Michelle Goosby.

For the Pauls, family extends further than blood.

“Our parents are passed away, but we have a lot of adopted mothers. So we will make our rounds and check on them. You eat everywhere you go. You see this size, I’m going have to get a bigger size by Monday,” Addison Paul said.