DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Christopher Martin is still traumatized after coming to the defense of his mother when he says her ex-boyfriend invaded their home Tuesday morning.

“It’s even hard going back in the hallway I can still replay the shooting, the calamity that happened, and all the stuff prior to what was going on,” Martin said.

Dothan police responded to a home on Donna Drive where they say David Gamble, 38, was shot after entering the home of his ex-girlfriend uninvited.

His ex, Delma Thompson said it stemmed from an argument the two had at a local hospital the day before — she said Gamble was in the hospital sick and begging her to bring him a phone.

“He was trying to argue with me about a phone that belonged to another female,” She said. “I said this is the phone you been aggravating me about all night and the other girl was even up there. I said don’t come back to my house, leave me alone and all your stuff will be in the garbage can,” Delma Thompson said.

She said she thought she ended the situation without any trouble, but the next morning it escalated after she says he came back to the house and entered through the front door and went into her bedroom.

“I was like what are you doing here and he said I came to get my stuff and I told him to get out and he started cussing and acting a fool and I grabbed my gun,” Thompson said.

Martin, her son says he heard a lot of physical fighting taking place in the bedroom and his mother screaming his name for help.

“I’m a gun owner and I’m not gonna let him come in here and do anything towards my mother I did what I needed to do and I executed,” Martin said.

Gamble was shot multiple times and his mother was also shot in the shoulder. She says her son shouldn’t feel bad for protecting his mom which is what she teaches all of her children to do.

She said she would have done the same thing if the situation was the other way around.

“I’m in pain but I was built tough and I raise my children to be good kids they wouldn’t have ever done anything like that and I can’t believe I let someone in my life to bring me all of this drama,” Thompson said.

DPD said charges could be coming for Gamble soon.