MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WDHN) – New information is coming to light in the trial of Jason and Darin Starr as a former Coffee County Sheriff’s Investigator and an FBI agent took the stand on Tuesday morning.

Brothers Darin and Jason Starr are on trial for the 2017 murder of Jason’s wife and beloved Enterprise teacher, Sara Starr, who was found shot to death in her driveway.

According to an indictment, Jason Starr paid Darin Starr with a 2016 Triumph motorcycle and an undisclosed amount of money to kill Sara Starr.

Former Coffee County Investigator Sam Redmon took the stand and said that initially they were called to a possible suicide on County Road 647 in the Battens Crossroads community on November 27, 2017.

When they arrived at the church parsonage off of a little dirt road on County Road 647, the place where Sara Starr was living, they found Starr with two gunshot wounds. One gunshot to the chest and the other was to the face.

Investigators later declared the scene as the place where the murder occurred. They also say a weapon was not found at the scene and the two shells were found along the dirt road, but no fingerprints were found.

Investigator Redmon says they later learned Sara lived within 5-6 minutes of Jason and Mary Starr, Jason and Darin’s mom. He also told the jury that the sheriff’s office was aware of the contentious divorce between Sara and Jason, so one of the first suspects investigators began to look at was Jason.

J. Carlton Taylor, who is representing Darin, asked Redmon if there were cameras on the church or on Sara’s home. Redmon said they did receive a couple of camera shots from the morning of the murder, but not from those areas.

Jason was non-custodial and arrested at his attorney’s office on November 27. Redmon says that he complied with law enforcement and they performed search warrants on his phone and computer.

Redmon says other than the phone and computer that they didn’t find anything else at the home worth taking into evidence.

Jim Parkman, who is representing Jason Starr asked the investigator about the investigation and “problems” that Parkman saw during the investigation conducted. Including how investigators didn’t find footprints at the shooting scene, the area behind the home, and if investigators looked for motorcycle tracks anywhere near the property.

“It’s important not to mess up a crime scene,” Parkman said.

Federal prosecutors showed the jury text messages that were recovered between Jason and Darin, where Darin texted Jason about being in the deer stand, but the deer wasn’t there yet and that he needed water. Darin later sent a message to Jason that he had sent to the wrong person and acted as if he didn’t know who he was texting.

An FBI Special Agent says he found out that Darin was in town at the time of the murder and that he was riding a motorcycle.

Darin was in town in July for his mother’s birthday and was in town for Thanksgiving, where he left on November 27.

He told the jury that he discovered that a deer stand was at Darin and Jason’s mother’s house.

Jason later responded to Darin’s texts, saying, “Yes, wrong number. Haha, maybe find some water.” A message was later exchanged between the two brothers that said, “Haha, love you brother.”

Notes on the computer were believed to be Jason’s notes for a book he was thinking about writing called, “The Broken Wing”. The prosecution showed a section of the notes to the jury where Jason was writing about how he didn’t want to pay for alimony and child support and said some derogatory things about women, which seemed to be pointed to his relationship with his wife/ex-wife Sara.

Parkman asks Redmon about the message and is trying to show the jury show that Jason could have written these notes long before he and Sara were divorced.