GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN)—This week, the Alabama DOT began it’s long-anticipated resurfacing of Alabama highway 27 from the Florida state line through much of Geneva.

WDHN found the work is expected to “save” the city tens of thousands of dollars in a separate,
local repave project.

On Friday afternoon, the resurfacing project of State Highway 27 led to a lane closure and reduced speeds. There were traffic delays in the “City of Two Rivers”. The one-point-nine million dollar effort is expected to continue into the Fall.
But, Mayor David Hayes says with the equipment already in town, it could save “big dollars” in the
the city’s plan is to “repave” some 21 streets.

“Piggyback with the project that we’re going to have paved as soon as they are done with 27 they’ll be paving streets in Geneva,” according to Hayes.

Mike Gurspan says “Mayor Hayes says by having the heavy equipment already in place it will save considerable money as far as repaving these roads.”

Mayor Hayes says in some cases, the list of roads scheduled for work hasn’t been repaved since the 1970s.
“Some of the streets we plan to repave it’s been more than 40 years. Some of the roads they paved had to be dug up in the middle to put in the sewer to those areas that didn’t have sewer”.

City officials hope they can begin the city street project shortly after the State Highway 27 resurfacing is completed.

DOT officials ask drivers in the affected area of geneva to expect delays and be mindful
of workers and equipment in the construction zone which will continue into the Fall.