MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WDHN) – The Alabama Hospital Association said the number of intensive care patients did not exceed the number of ICU beds available in the state for the first time in a month.

On Friday, AHA reported 1,541 ICU patients. The state has 1,548 staffed ICU beds, meaning seven ICU beds are currently available.

In previous weeks, Alabama saw a large deficit in the number of available ICU beds. Some hospitals were forced to place intensive care patients in other areas inside their facilities.

The total number of total COVID-19 patients in Alabama hospitals continued to decline.  As of Friday afternoon, 2,170 patients were in the hospital suffering from COVID-19-related complications including 52 pediatric patients. An overwhelming 83% of those hospitalized in Alabama were unvaccinated from the virus, according to AHA data.

On Saturday, new information from Southeast Health indicated a total of 72 hospitalized COVID-19 patients, down five people since Friday, according to the hospital’s Director of Public Relations Mark Stewart. 

Flowers Hospital had also been seeing a steady decline in COVID-19 patients in recent days with numbers hovering in the lower 50s late last week.