State troopers remind Wiregrass drivers to move over for law enforcement

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DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — With Spring Break just around the corner, safety on the roadways becomes a top concern even more than usual.

Alabama state troopers want to remind drivers in the Wiregrass to slow down or move over when you see flashing lights on the highway or road.

“The Alabama Move Over law states that if you see an emergency vehicle even a utility truck or tow vehicles on the side of the road, and they have their emergency lights flashing you are supposed to move over to the furthest lane when safe to do so,” State Trooper McKinney said. “When you are not able to move over to the furthest lane, you need to slow down 15 mph below the posted speed limit.”

McKinney said she sees many drivers break the Alabama Move Over law on the daily basis.

That’s why she’s dedicated to getting drivers in the Wiregrass to follow this very simple traffic procedure.

“We see it fairly often in most cases they are incidents where traffic is heavy, and people are not able to move over, and they are not fully aware that you need to at least slow down,” McKinney said. “As I mentioned before, (slow down) to 15 MPH below the posted speed limit. In most cases, you have folks trying to hurry and get over, or you have some that do not allow the person to get over because they are trying to hurry and pass.”

McKinney said they are just asking for common courtesy, be mindful of the law and obey it.

According to McKinney, just last year well over 2,000 citations were issued statewide for this violation.

The typical excuse drivers give? Not knowing the law existed.

“In January 2010, they actually added education information to the driver license study material for young drivers so that we are making them aware of it at an early age.”

Since 2019, there have been increased fines associated with violating the Alabama Move Over Law.

Drivers can expect to pay $100 dollars for their first violation and a total of $200 dollars if they break the law for the third time.

“Just be mindful of our Alabama traffic laws, of course as well as the Move Over Law,” McKinney said. “If you see an emergency on the side of the road, slow down if you are not able to move over . If you are able to get over at the safest time, move over to the furthest lane. Just be careful.”

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