DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The recent market trends may be making you weary.

As WDHN found out, it’s better to wait for the market to recover, and not make any hasty decisions

According to the experts at CapSouth Wealth Management in Dothan, quick decisions about short-term market trends will usually end poorly.

There isn’t just one factor that has contributed to the volatility of the market this month, but a combination of multiple aspects, a lot of which stem from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Even with the current volatility of the market, the experts at CapSouth Wealth Management say the best thing to do is wait it out because the market will likely bounce back.

“Volatility, ups, and downs happen in the market,” President of CapSouth Wealth Management, Marshall Bolden said. “Don’t go out and panic and sell because of it. If you start making emotional decisions and short-term decisions, it is likely you will have adverse consequences.”

Capsouth Wealth Management says it is important to talk to your financial advisor to find out the best options for you.