ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — On November 27, 2017, Sara Starr’s body was found dead in the driveway of her Coffee County home after being fatally shot.

She was a fourth-grade teacher at Harrand Creek Elementary School in Enterprise and was looked up to by many people, including her students.

“Everyone loved her, so much,” a former student of Starr’s, Hayden Mayhall said.

According to the Mayhall family, Starr was a pleasure to be around, not just for her students, but for everyone she came into contact with.

“She never said anything unkind to anyone ever,” Hayden’s father, Josh Mayhall said. “Every time you would see her at school or at a grocery store, there was always a smile.”

The children of Harrand Creek Elementary School were distraught, according to Hayden Mayhall, and this prompted kids from other schools to donate their time, and some items to comfort her grieving students.

Which helped them get through the tough times, knowing they had the support of their peers.

One thing that was so difficult for the Mayhall family, namely Josh and Melissa, was the impact Mrs. Starr’s death had on their daughter.

“As a parent looking at your child you see changes,” said Josh. “Changes in attitude, grades, everything. It is a traumatic experience.”

But Hayden says it was ultimately the support of her friends that got her through the hard times.

“It was really sad at first, but then I kind of learned to sort of, not get over it, but move past it,” Hayden said.

Emotions were high, as the family learned about the news of the arrest.

“When I saw it on Facebook, I hate to say it but I kind of got glad,” said Josh. “I was happy because I’m thinking this was something my daughter had to go through and now she is going to have a little bit of closure.”