The 2020 pecan harvest is one of the most plentiful ever in the wiregrass

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Hartford, Ala. (WDHN)—The 2020 pecan harvest may be remembered as one of the most plentiful ever recorded in the wiregrass.
Pecan “Buying point” workers are shelling nuts around the clock.

From sunrise to sunset six-days-a-week, area folks are bringing in pecans to the Hartford Pecan Company
In Hartford.

Buyers say “they’ve never seen such a plentiful crop, but there’s a drawback. The nuts’ are “not” high quality, according to
Jeff Parker.

For many area residents, they’re “cashing in” on trees loaded with pecans. “Some varieties are larger than
others”, according to Fadette Community resident John Pope.

Pope says “and you know what happens when you have a lot of them, the price goes down. That’s okay because I’m going to eat them.”

Mike Gurspan says “For one elderly geneva county woman she says this is probably the largest crop she’s ever seen in her lifetime.”

Willie Mae Carolina says
“I’m picking up all I can and I got a lot more to pick-up because people are so nice to me they give me their trees for me to pick-up. I’m 88-years-old
And can hardly walk, but at least I pick-up pecans.”

Due to this year’s bumper crop, the prices’ are down due to the economic law of “supply and demand”.

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