HARTFORD, ALA. (WDHN)—A local band “Britain” is unique in several ways. They only play music by the Beatles, and three of the band’s members are local high school football coaches.

Over the weekend in Hartford, “Britain” performed for a senior prom. But this senior class was mostly for those who graduated from 1955-through-the-1960s.

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Jim Bob Striplin, Micah Turner, and Brent Justice are assistant football coaches at Geneva High School. Drummer Joseph Sanders takes on the persona of Ringo Starr.
Sanders is a registered nurse, and the only band member is a non-coach.

They’ve been playing gigs’ across the wiregrass. This is a senior prom for mainly 1950s and 60s high school graduates at the Johnny Hughes Community Center in Hartford.

Mica turner says “They love the Beatles, which to the band members’ say never gets old. It’s wholesome music the entire family can enjoy.

Turner adds “We’ve coached against each other, when Striplin brought me on three years ago we got to coach against each other in Geneva and that was always fun. Between the lines, it’s all business, outside the lines it’s back to friendship.”

Mike Gurspan says “and Paul McCartney is played by Jim Bob Striplin who has been a football coach in the wiregrass for a number of years. And he says there’s a strong correlation between performing and coaching football.”

Jim Bob Striplin plays Paul McCartney.
“There’s a big correlation you have to have a game plan, you have to rehearse. You got to rehearse and if everybody does their part properly you got a good song. If everybody plays their position right, you win the game. These guys are parts of a team that we work well together.”

Brent Justice is the band’s, John Lennon. “We’ve always known each other and started with us three, and Micah and Jim Bob knew this guy who could drum and Joseph showed up, and that kind of completed the whole thing.”
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The four men say they have no plans to give up their day jobs, but playing music they love from the “British invasion” brings a great deal of satisfaction.

Members of the group are all initially from Geneva County. But, they have performed
at such events as Ozark’s “Chili Festival”, Keel and Company Distilling in Headland,
And “Yatta Abba Day” festival in Abbeville.