DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The city has its eye on a federal grant to help with the future Honeysuckle Road project.

According to Dothan’s City Manager, Kevin Cowper, the Honeysuckle Road project will be completed over two phases.

The first part of the project will bring improvements to the existing road, which will include widening the road from three to five lanes. The city also has plans on extending Honeysuckle and creating a new roadway that will be constructed to the south. Cowper says this will help provide economic and community development to that part of Dothan and help alleviate traffic on Ross Clark Circle and Highway 231 South.

The total expected cost for the project is over $30 million, and to help with that cost, Dothan plans on applying for the ‘RAISE'(Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity) Transportation Discretionary Grants Program.

If the city gets approved for the grant, the federal government will provide 60% of the total costs, leaving the city to match pay the remaining 40%.

“The RAISE program is a new grant program that the federal government has launched, and in reviewing their goals in that grant program, we believe that the Honeysuckle Road project is a good candidate for that grant program,” Cowper said.

Cowper tells WDHN that the city is working with Representative Barry Moore, Senator Richard Shelby, and Senator Tommy Tuberville to make sure its application gets approved.

The project could start sometime during the spring of 2023.