ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — The coldest temps thus far of the season are expected to descend upon the tri-states region of northwest Florida, southwest Georgia and northwest Florida.

The faith-based Christian Mission Center in Enterprise is preparing for individuals and families without a warm place to stay.

On Thursday night, the National Weather Service issued a freeze warning for the tri-states’ region.

For nearly 40-years, the Christian Mission Center outside of Downtown Enterprise has provided food and shelter to the less fortunate.

It’s founder and operator, Reverand John Belcher, says on nights where the it could go below freezing, he has limited space for individuals and families.

“We here at the Christian Mission Center, we try and serve people who need shelter from the cold. we don’t want anyone to be left out in the freezing weather. If we don’t have space on site we will purchase a motel room for them during the freezing temperatures,” says Belcher.

If the Christian Mission fills up this evening he says he has an agreement with an area motel to take those individuals who do not have a roof over their heads.

Reverand Belcher says a FEMA grant helps cover the expense of putting people in motel rooms to escape freezing temps. Depending on one’s age and health conditions frigid weather could even prove deadly.

“The cold over a period of time can prove to be deadly and we want to make sure that people are safe,” says Belcher.

Reverand Belcher says if you or your family are without heat in the Enterprise area, contact Enterprise Police and they in turn will get in contact with him or one of his staff members. The Christian Mission would then find them shelter for the night.