The fourteenth anniversary of the killer tornado which struck Enterprise High School and the city

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ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — Fourteen years ago, the eyes of the nation were turned to Enterprise, Alabama.

On March 1, 2007, an EF-4 tornado struck Enterprise High School destroying the building and claiming eight students lives.

On most anniversaries of the deadly storm, the families of the victims gather at a memorial site
established where “Hall Three” was located at the old high school. That’s the portion of the building which imploded, killing the eight students.

Rick Rainer was principal at the time and says memorials that are there are constant reminders of it.

“It was a tragic day, the memories will forever be etched on my heart.” Rainer said.

Besides the school, the storm with winds estimated at more than 170 miles per hour either damaged or totally destroyed more than 200 homes in the city, resulting in tens-of-millions of damage.

“Actually thought it was letting up, the sky appeared to be clearing and then we got another warning and the outcome was not good,” according to EHS History Teacher Dr. Tracy Kyser.

For one teacher in Third Hall when the storm hit, the sights and sounds are just as vivid today.

“But now I just try and remember the sweet moments they were in class,” French Teacher Candace Thomason said. “The things that were nice about them. I don’t try and remember the hard time.”

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