COLUMBIA, Ala. (WDHN) — The town of Columbia has three candidates running for mayor: Rhonda Freeman, Jesse Ingram, and Robert Hunter.

Rhonda is the incumbent mayor of Columbia and has been serving the town for close to 40 years both on the council and as mayor. She says she’s got some things she wants to complete as mayor.

She believes she has shown she is there for the people.

“I’ve worked hard for them,” Columbia incumbent mayor Rhonda Freeman. “This is supposed to be a part time job, but I’m here everyday. I’m at their disposal. You know, I listen to anybody that comes with anything that Columbia needs.”

If re-elected, Freeman wants to add to the fire department, get new water meters, and paving of roads.

Candidate Jesse Ingram moved to Columbia in 2006.

He’s served the town council as well as being a part of Columbia’s Fire and Rescue. If elected, Ingram would like to do more with the river being next to the town and getting businesses involved with the town.

Here’s what he wants to do.

“I think I would like to utilize our town Facebook page to maybe do a spotlight on business,” Columbia mayoral candidate Jesse Ingram said. “Once a month and just rotate it between our businesses. Whether they want to do a sell for that month, or whatever to maybe and just try to get that out there to just try to draw more people into our little town.”

Ingram hopes he’s proven to the people of the town that he should receive their vote.

The third candidate is Robert Hunter. Hunter has worked in municipal government for over 31 years. He was born and raised in Columbia and is currently serving as the District 4 council member.

Some projects he would like to do if elected are, pave roads, new fire, and rescue building, replace or add additional fire hydrants where needed, along with many other items.

“I’m willing to listen to citizens to identify and resolve issues,” Columbia mayoral candidate Robert Hunter said. “I certainly have furnished my personal cellphone number to the citizens of the town of Columbia to make myself readily available.”

All candidates hope everyone goes out and votes on August 25th.