(WDHN) — Out-of-state travelers are racing down Highway 231 South for the sandy beaches to celebrate America’s independence.

“I’m gonna go see some fireworks either on the riverfront near Bradenton, Florida, or go out to the beach,” Rex Miller said.

“We’re heading to Panama City to pick up my father and then we’re going to Destin to hang out at crab island,” Amanda Peevy said.

According to AAA, this fourth of July is expected to be the second busiest for travel since 2000, with over 47 million Americans taking trips by roadway or air travel.

With Friday being the worst day of the holiday weekend to travel to your destination.

Miller’s wife is flying to Bradenton, Florida and he’s worried his wife won’t make it in time.

“Was watching them cancel flights due to the problem they got with Delta, she’s with Southwest and I don’t think they have had any big personnel problems they are all running tight they are planes” Miller said.

But fortunately, Miller who’s on the road traveling from Illinois, and Peevy traveling from the state next door – Georgia- they haven’t experienced the holiday rush or delays — yet.

“Light traffic bunch of police are out,” Peevy said.

“Down here in Alabama coming through southern Alabama and Florida it’s been nice,” Miller said.

Another thing that has been quite nice for some travelers this year, is gas prices. The state average is $4.46 — which is still high but cheaper than what Miller and Peevy would normally pay.

“I noticed that I was wondering if I need to go ahead and fill up because I don’t know what is going to be like in Destin,” Peevy said.

If you’re looking to head out of town and celebrate the holiday weekend, the best day to leave is Sunday or the fourth of July.