HARTFORD, ALA. (WDHN)—If you have traveled in central Geneva County in the last few weeks, you may have had to sit in traffic but help is on the way.

Two additional lanes are being built on Highway 52 at a busy intersection.
WDHN has learned it’ll be tied into the Long-awaited” four laning of 52 from Malvern to Hartford.

Crews have been busy building north and south turn lanes at the intersection of
Highway 52 and Geneva County Road 69. The state DOT’s goal is to make it safer for 18-wheelers
to turn off 52 to agricultural businesses outside of Hartford.

County Engineer Hustin Barfield says “in this particular intersection, there is a lot of truck traffic and this gets them in turn lanes out of 52 and gets them in turn lanes to go to businesses.”

The Alabama DOT is spending around a million dollars to build the turn lanes with (ATRIP), or Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement money.

Mike Gurspan says “and it should tie in with the eventual four laning of that state highway.”

Hartford Mayor Neil Strickland says “the trucks going to great businesses. Kelly Ag really needed great support down Shiloh to get down to that road. But that will turn back into 52, 167 projects. So it will only enhance benefits, image, and marketing of Hartford.”

Mayor Strickland says DOT still hasn’t told him whether the highway 52 four-laning is expected to go north or south. In either case, the widening project will not affect the city’s historic downtown square.

From five-to-seven o’clock next Tuesday night, DOT is seeking “Public input” on highway 52 four-lane going into Hartford. It will be held at the Johnny Hughes Community Center in Hartford.