UPDATE: Judge denies bail for Coley McCraney

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Judge W. Stanley Garner has denied bail for murder suspect Coley McCraney.

According to Garner’s order, the court determined that State of Alabama did indeed produce “clear and strong” evidence for bail to be denied in the capital murder charges.

McCraney will now remain in the Dale County Jail, awaiting the grand jury’s decision.

You can read the order here.


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — 24 hours after Coley McCraney’s bond hearing. and no word yet on whether the accused killer will become a free man. 

Wednesday afternoon, McCraney’s defense team argued the only thing keeping McCraney behind bars (and without bond) was an unreliable piece of DNA evidence. Now, McCraney and his lawyers are waiting to hear whether he will be given a bond. 

“My hopes are up, but I’m realistic,” McCraney’s lawyer, David Harrison, said. “We’re preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.”

Despite the long deliberation, Harrison told News 18 the delay means nothing.

“The way the system works, sometimes it takes judges a long period of time,” Harrison said. “They research. Judge Garner is a very thorough judge. I expect him to research the law and to really give us a good decision.”

In the case that McCraney does not receive bond, Harrison said it will not impact the case.

“I hope he does (get a bond), but if he doesn’t, we’ll live to fight another day because we’re in this for the long run,” Harrison said. “We have a side of our story that we’re going to put evidence on.”

Either way, McCraney and the rest of the Wiregrass continues to wait to see whether McCraney will be able to leave the Dale County Jail on his own accord—after a two month-long stay.

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