SAMSON, Ala. (WDHN)— At daybreak on Wednesday, state, and federal agents raided a Samson pharmacy.

A sign by the Alabama State Board of Pharmacy (ALBOP) on the front door of King Drug Co. states the business is “closed until further notice.”

Sean Malloy is an investigator with ALBOP. Malloy would not give details on what was taking place,
but he did say the raid was part of a joint investigation with the DEA.

In fact, the pharmacy has been under scrutiny by state and federal authorities for the last year and a half.

“And we temporarily closed King Drugs in Samson based on what we have found so far in the investigation. I can not speak about the nature of the investigation,” Malloy said.

The pharmacy is owned by Scott and Tracie McCoy of Samson.

WDHN spoke to a customer of King’s to get their reaction to the story.

“Sure is, that’s unusual for something like this. I’ve been here 51 years, all my life,” customer Dykes Farris said.

“It’s kind of shocking to hear that the place is under investigation, very shocking, yes,” customers Mary and Sandy.

Several elderly customers say it’s the only drug store in Samson, and its closure will cause them hardships to find a nearby pharmacy.

State agents did not say how long the business will be closed to the public.

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