ELBA, Ala. (WDHN) — If you’ve been in Downtown Elba and experienced cell phone issues over recent weeks, there appears to be a signal problem.

Following several complaints from Verizon users’, WDHN looked into what has been causing the problem for residential and business cell phone customers in the county seat of Coffee County.

Since his cell phone service essentially went dead several weeks ago at his florist shop in Downtown Elba.

With deliveries a major component of his “profit margin”, Chris Foley says he’s lost thousands of dollars in sales. He says using the phone inside his shop in the downtown square is all but impossible to get a signal. Sometimes he can make a call while outside.

“We can’t actually make money if we can’t get the phone calls we need,” Elba Florist and Gifts owner Chris Foley said. “And that’s one of the things we rely on is our service from Verizon and we have a lot of elderly people here and they can’t make an emergency call because their phones can’t work in Downtown Elba anymore.”

For one Elba resident, she can make calls from her home, but it’s a different story when coming to the downtown square.

“Well, I have no service whatsoever in Elba downtown,” resident Betty Homyak said. “At my house, I have to go down around the corner and I still have no service. I have trouble uploading pictures through text.”

On Tuesday, WDHN went to get in contact with Verizon representatives to find out why there is no cell phone service in Downtown Elba.

“We certainly apologize for any service disruptions,” Verizon representative, Karen Schultz, said. “We did anticipate our signal would be lower in small amounts due to the height difference between the temporary tower and the water tower. Tell your audience we are getting complete now and putting it into our original home.”

An Elba city official says the water tower has now been re-painted, and Verizon has been given permission to put their equipment back up.