ANDALUSIA, Ala. (WDHN)—It was on display for several days, and for the families who “Lost” loved ones’ or served in that Southeast Asian war. WDHN News found it to be a “wall of healing”.

The wall is a three-fifth-sized replica of the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, known simply as the Wall which is located in Constitution Park in Washington, DC.

The wall’s panels are engraved with the names of 58,320 fallen men and women. This particular traveling replica is based in Brevard, Florida. For one Andalusia resident and Vietnam vet, he wanted to see the name of a childhood friend who had lost his life.

Andalusia resident and Vietnam veteran Steve Wyatt wanted to see the name of a childhood friend killed in that war.

“It was a very trying time with the movement going on, the hippie movement, the flower children, the different things going on and the peace movements, it was a completely different time, yes” according to Wyatt.

For the five days, it was in the wiregrass, volunteers were on hand 24/7 after opening ceremonies
to assist visitors in finding the names of loved ones. For many who came from across the
panhandle and wiregrass, it would be an emotional moment.

City spokesperson, Michele Cox-Gerlach, says “We hope it has been healing for them, we hope that it’s been to show the appreciation and the recognition that they did not get when they came home 50 or 60 years ago.”

Mike Gurspan says “and the names include more than Vietnam. In fact, the names of those lost in 911, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Desert Storm their names are also engraved.”

For a Luverne family, they sketched the name of their son’s friend who was killed as a helicopter pilot during “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. Both men went through flight training at Ft. Rucker.

Randy Sexton is the father of a helicopter pilot who went to Ft. Rucker flight school with a young man killed in Iraq.
“Rex was deployed to Iraq, our son was deployed to Germany. And during Rex’s deployment to Iraq, he was shot down and was killed at that time over there.”

The wall left Andalusia Sunday night and has arrived at its next stop in West Virginia.