HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala. (WDHN) — The city of Dothan currently has four different road projects going on throughout its city. Including the Denton Road and Ross Clark Circle projects with plans for yet more road construction this time to bring improvements to Honeysuckle Road.

The two local businesses along Honeysuckle believe the city of Dothan’s future plans for that road will be beneficial but not before it causes some major struggles.

“There are too many cars on the road for this honeysuckle and it’s just congestion,” Delia Davis, a hair technician at Alchemy Hair.

This is why Davis and the owner of Alchemy Hair, a salon just off Candlewood Drive believe improvements on Honeysuckle could help their clients drive to their appointments much easier and faster.

“We are just excited people won’t be texting us saying, ‘hey we are going to be 10 minutes late.’ Davis said.

The project will be done in two parts, the first will widen Honeysuckle Road, making the existing three lanes from Main Street to Fortner into five lanes with even plans to extend Honeysuckle.

However, before this is completed, Alanna Williams, owner of Alanna’s in the St. Charles Palace Plaza knows there will be some road woes before there will be road ‘woahs.’

“The process to getting the road completed that will be the problem because when we just had the construction here on Main Street and Highway 84,” Williams said.

That construction was the resurfacing of Highway-84 and since the intersection was shut down at times Williams said the road work backed up not only traffic but business. She said traffic can be seen during most of the day with the heaviest being during morning and evening rush hours.

This is why both businesses hope it’s not a lengthy project.

“We’re hoping that they can complete in a timely manner and it won’t be that inconvenience,” Davis said. “I think the end result is going much outweigh the inconvenience that we are going experience during the construction time.”

The city claims the project will alleviate traffic from Ross Clark Circle with the total expected cost for the project being over $30 million.

Williams hopes Dothan can do much of the construction during times that won’t impact her business.

“If most of the construction will get done at night when it’s not in business hours, you won’t have to reroute as many people it wouldn’t make it for so many cars to be backed up.

The city of Dothan is currently applying for a federal grant to help assist them with this project. However, they expect construction to start sometime in the spring of 2023.