Only ten 10 percent of applicants who apply to west point get in but one dothan native has not only graduated but she’s also making history at the academy as well.

“So originally, I was born in New York, but I went to high school, Dothan High School … and straight out of high school, I enlisted into the Army, and then I took a few courses … and after that, I applied to West Point and got into West Point,” 2nd Lt. Coddie Curry said.

Now, Coddie Curry is a graduate of West Point and also a part of history as she is a part of the largest class of African Americans to graduate from West Point in May. For Coddie, she never imagined how big this accomplishment would be

“I honestly just wanted to graduate West Point,” Coddie said. “I wanted to just be able to say, ‘I made it. I did it.’ But it’s a privilege to be able to have this opportunity to show other African American women and youth and young girls that it is possible, and that, to me, is the biggest privilege as being able to be an example to other people and you know to share my story with other people.”

Coddie said that the journey wasn’t easy, but it was the prayers of her grandmother that helped carry her.

“She was so persistent about me staying there and keeping me there, and I’m grateful for that because if it wasn’t for her encouragement, I honestly wouldn’t be here right now,” she said.

So what next for the second lieutenant? Well, Coddie says she has some more training ahead.

“I will report to Fort Sill, Oklahoma,” she said. “I branch as field artillery so I will go to Fort Sill, I’ll train as an artillery officer for 17 weeks, and then I’ll report to my duty station in Fort Drum, New York.”

She also gave advice to anyone with similar ambitions.

“Don’t focus on things that are temporary,” Coddie said. “Focus on things that are going to help you long term, and when it comes to failure, you’re gonna fail, but that shouldn’t be a reason to give up and say that this is not gonna work out because that’s just a natural part of life. That’s just a natural process of life so just understand that with the success comes failure, and honestly, that’s the best way to just refine yourself and realize who you are as a person so that’s the biggest takeaway from me.”

And that why Coddie is What’s Good in the Neighborhood this week.