HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — As many people are anticipating the National Peanut Festival, we cannot forget about the crop that gives that festival its name: peanuts.

The Wiregrass saw cooler temperatures during the Spring, which was a good thing for a lot of people, but one thing that was affected was the upcoming peanut harvest which was delayed due to the cooler temperatures and rain.

Peanut season is here, but instead of farmers harvesting their crop, the peanut farmers are instead near the beginning of peanut harvest season.

“Well, with the peanut harvest we are kind of in the infant stage, I call it,” Associate Director of the Wiregrass Research and Extension Center, Chris Parker said. “We are a little before kickoff.”

Parker also says that the majority of the peanut crop in the Wiregrass was probably planted during the span of mid-May, to early June.

So that means that the Wiregrass will begin to see the peanut crop harvested if the weather is agreeable.

“I’m looking forward to some weather being cooperative, and I would say by next week it will be kickoff here. There will be a lot of equipment rolling and a lot of farmers getting this crop in,” said Parker.

Parker asks that people be patient with peanut farmers as they are moving equipment down the road.

“And all we are trying to do is make it to this field, as soon as the sun shines on them for two days to get them harvested, and we’re not trying to be in anyone’s way on the highway, but a little patience would go a long way,” said Parker.

Historically, October is full steam ahead for peanut farmers, as they are preparing their crop for the season and will prepare it to be sent nationwide.