DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The holiday season is a time to spend with family, give gifts to loved ones, and to reminisece on the past year.

But for many, this time can be stressful.

Finding the perfect gift, spending time with in-laws and the long holiday travels are just some of the headache-inducing activities of Christmas.

So some businesses and organizations are doing their part to give relaxing holiday events and they are seeing large turnouts this week.

“We’ve seen a big increase,” Assistant General Manager of Hangar 38, David Flury said. “We’ve had a lot of corporate parties coming in, so every day we’ve had 20-30 type parties. It’s been nice.”

Tonight, as people get into town after flying from the other side of the country, or even just a couple of hours drive, they are looking to relax.

“We already got a bunch of people coming. We have two large parties coming and we have the bowling lanes filled out,” Flury said.

Hangar 38 isn’t the only place having some fun tonight as Fun Zone Skate Park is hosting a multi-year reunion for Dothan area high schools.

There are people coming all the way from the west coast, and even New York City to come to visit the town where they grew up.

“We started a Facebook group about a year ago because everyone was losing touch with one another,” New York resident, Beth Butler said. “We wanted a way for everyone to reconnect to where we remember the fun from our past. We can just come and act like kids and have a good time!”

They met at Fun Zone to relive some of the nostalgia from the ’80s when they grew up.

“We just put together a group to talk about our childhood memories and growing u in dothan and what that meant to us, Butler said.