ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDHN) — Since it is fall time, that means festivals are happening all across the Wiregrass. And besides the fun games and events that festivals bring, they also bring a boost to local businesses that want to sell directly to customers.

Fall festivals are a time for gathering and enjoying the weather and all that the season brings. Festivals are also prime time for local businesses that utilize events to show off their homemade arts and crafts and foods.

One business owner says festivals, including the Boll Weevil Fall Festival in Enterprise, help small businesses to be able to interact in person, after last year when festivals were mostly canceled.

“This actually is a very good festival, we have been here for the last three years,” owner of Throckmorton’s Table Mary Throckmorton said. ” We like to do a lot of things in Enterprise, even though we are based in Dothan, we try to do festivals all over the Wiregrass. It actually helps to boost our business, especially with COVID it’s nice to have these festivals going on again because a lot of your vendors and local businesses were really impacted by COVID with us not being able to get out and see our customers face to face.”

And The National Peanut Festival, the Wiregrass’ biggest festival will be starting in just two short weeks on November 5.

If you are interested in purchasing something from Throckmorton’s Table, you can give them a call at (334) 701-4845.