WIREGRASS, Ala(WDHN)—The Alabama unemployment numbers for August stand strong at 2.6%, not changing from the past three months.

A gradual decrease in unemployment rates has stayed in effect throughout 2022, until hitting June.

  • January 2022- 3.1% unemployment
  • February 2022-3.0% unemployment
  • March 2022- 2.9% unemployment
  • April 2022- 2.8% unemployment
  • May 2022- 2.7% unemployment
  • June, July, August 2022- 2.6% unemployment

August’s rate represents 58,958 unemployed persons while 2,293,627 are counted as employed. The previous year, August 2021 saw an unemployment rate of 3.3%.

67,881 Alabamians became employed over the last year.

Local Wiregrass counties have also seen a drop in unemployment numbers from July:

  • Geneva County is the lowest unemployment rate with a drop from 2.7%(July) to 2.5%(August)
  • Houston County unemployment rates went from 3.1%(July) to 2.9%(August)
  • Dale County had a rate drop from 3.1%(July) to 2.8%(August)
  • Coffee County had the smallest rate drop from 2.9%(July) to 2.8%(August)
  • Henry County had the most significant rate drop from 3.2%(July) to 2.8%(August)
  • Covington County dropped from 3.2%(July) to 2.9%(August)
  • Crenshaw County unemployment rates went from 3.1%(July) to 2.9%(August)

This puts most Wiregrass in the lowest Alabama unemployment bracket(2.9% and below), with Pike County barely staying in the second bracket(3.0%-3.9%) with an unemployment rate of 3.0%, and Barbour County staying in the highest bracket(4.0% and above) with an unemployment rate of 4.6%.

“We continue to add jobs to our economy at a good pace. Right now, there are around two available jobs for every unemployed person.  Our construction industry is thriving, and growing construction employment generally tends to predict positive economic growth.”

Alabama Labor Secretary Fitzgerald Washington

The national unemployment rate stands at 3.7%, with around 6 Million citizens unemployed.