WIREGRASS (WDHN) — It’s Labor Day weekend which marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

The three-day weekend is typically a busy one traveling especially on the roadways heading south toward the sandy beaches as many are cramming in the last-minute vacations.

“We decided to take a four-day trip to Panama City Beach because we came down here to Destin in May for a honeymoon so we decided to come back down,” says Leanne Lascola.

According to AAA, this Labor Day weekend could be busier than last year or very close to it.

With the Labor Day travel period starting as early as 12 a.m. this morning to midnight on Monday, state troopers are keeping a sharp eye on the roadways.

They are partnering with local agencies to make sure there is a heavier presence of law enforcement on major corridors as well as rural areas that are off the beaten path to enforce traffic laws.

“There will be driver’s license checkpoints and making sure everybody has all of the paperwork and make sure they are not driving under any controlled substances,” says ALEA Trooper Kendra McKinney.

“The police in Georgia are sitting on the side of the highway with their radar guns out so we saw a lot of people getting pulled over,” says Lascola.

McKinney says since she has been on the road working — she’s been seeing drivers with a heavy foot and following too closely leaving no room in between for an abrupt stop which would cause a crash.

She says drivers should be even more cautious considering there will be more traffic on the roads as Florida evacuees will probably be heading home during the holiday rush as well.

“We set up officers in different areas to assist those traveling to and from Florida to make sure they are getting there safely because everybody wanted to get here and be safe but we put things in place to make sure these evacuees can get home and check on their properties,” says Trooper McKinney.