DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — Friends in sports media here in the Wiregrass are reflecting on the life of a legendary sports commentator who passed away Thursday night.

Phil Paramore, who is known for blazing the trail of sports talk radio in the wiregrass, passed away Thursday night after battling health problems. A curveball for many of his peers in the industry.

“So sad to hear of his passing because we spent so much time together on weekday mornings I produced his radio show for 8 years,” says Lance Griffin.

Paramore had a distinguished sports broadcasting career — he started his legacy as a sports editor at the Dothan Eagle newspaper before shifting to sports talk radio.

At Woof-FM in the 1990s. That same year, he also worked at WDHN as a sports anchor.

“When something was going to happen in sports no matter where it might be, everybody wanted to know how Phil was going to weigh in on it and then once you heard how Phil ways in on it, it may inform you to how you would think about it,” Says Griffin.

He even launched his own sports talk show the — Phil Paramore Network — after leaving Woof-FM in 2015.

In 2016, Phillip Jordan, a Wiregrass sports podcaster who looks up to Paramore, worked as an intern under him at the ESPN Dothan station.

“He let me come on and talk SEC football with him, I had him on a podcast and from time to time he let me come in and I was completely honored, ” says Jordan. “He didn’t have to let me come in and talk on his show.”

Jordan and Griffin say Paramore was great at sports talk on the radio especially when it comes to college football.

They also say he was a great person to be around — he was genuine and always remembered who you are after he meet you.

“Phil had a very quick wit and he had some iconic one-liners for the people who listen to him daily he would tell them to sit down if they got out of line,” says Griffin.

He was more than just a sports talk radio host and writer but a pillar in this community.