DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN)—A “groundbreaking” took place recently for a community building in Dothan for a very successful at-risk program mainly for children.

During the summer when school’s out in June and July, “Youth Value Impact” provides
around 750 “brown bagged” lunches on Mondays thru Fridays.

The meals are dropped off for children from one-to-18 at numerous daycares, apartment complexes, and community centers. Pastor Debra Beyah started the program in 2004 and is based at Mt. Olive Christian Fellowship Church in Dothan.

Ivory Stinson is secretary for “Youth Value Impact”. She says “if it’s little things like teaching them how to say their grace, just having a conversation with them to see where they are personally. Just to let them know they are loved and appreciated and necessary in our community.”

Mike Gurspan says “for Debroah she says this truly a labor of love because she knows if it wasn’t for this program quite often a lot of these kids would not get a meal on a daily basis.”

The Mt. Olive Christian Fellowship Church is in the process of building a large community center that will be the focal point of “Youth Value Impact”. But, due to supply issues, inflation, and manpower shortages.
The initial 200-thousand price tag projection has now exceeded a half-million dollars.

Pastor Beyah says “back over here seeing this ground being broken and concrete almost being poured I’m excited about it because it caused us almost not being able to work on this program but actually, it’s been five years since we started this work”.

For the kids who get a meal and a safe place to go, they’re appreciative.
Eight-year-old Jamari says “thank you for all the lunch, and all that you’ve done for us. And thank you.”

“Youth Value Impact” is in the process of raising money to complete its community center building under construction.

On Thursday night, August 4th. A “black tie affair” fundraiser will be held at the Botanical Gardens.
If you would like ticket information, that number is 334-718-6304.