Local restaurants expected to increase prices due to cost, supply problems


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The United States Department of Agriculture predicts prices at restaurants to increase across the nation.

In the Wiregrass, Zack’s Family Restaurant is just one of the many restaurants having to look into upping their prices.

Zack Whaley owns the restaurant with his wife and they both said this has been a very hard year working in the restaurant industry.

At the start of the pandemic, they were forced to close their doors and adjust how they serve customers. Now, they have to consider possibly increasing their prices.

“We have been studying this quite hard the past last two weeks particular,” Whaley said. “We always keep the eye on food and commodities but yes we have a price increase in mind.”

The USDA predicts restaurant prices will increase up to 3.5 percent. They also said grocery store prices will increase anywhere between one to two percent.

Whaley explained he might have to consider an increase as high as 10 percent at his restaurant due to the ripple effect going on across the nation.

“If you can’t get it manufactured then you can’t get it delivered and so forth and so on,” Whaley said. “It’s just one step after another that is holding up progress and it’s just costing everybody more money.”

According to him, high prices and limited supplies are making it more difficult for owners to keep consumer prices low.

Despite the possibility of having to increase his prices, Whaley is hopeful people will keep supporting his restaurant.

“What’s going to deliver the best price, the best food, the best service, and at the most profitable point that you can be at for both parties, the customer and yourself,” Whaley said.

Whaley tells WDHN even though restaurants all around the Wiregrass are being impacted they are all doing everything they can to make sure customers are still paying as little as possible.

They just ask the community continues to support them.

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