ALABAMA (WDHN) — Many high schools across the state of Alabama received fake calls in regards to an active shooter on their campuses — two local school systems were on that list Tuesday.

Shortly after 8 am, Enterprise Police Department got a call about an active shooter in the science lab at Enterprise High school.

“I was actually sitting here with the high school principal and assistant superintendent and we got the call and I said everybody let’s go,” Dr. Zel Thomas said.

School officials and law enforcement personnel were on the scene within three minutes to investigate the matter as the school was placed on lockdown.

“I was very excited about the response I didn’t know we had so many Alabama State Troopers around here but this lets me know our plan that we practice is working in real-time,” He said.

Fortunately, the reports were just a scare.

“This is not something you joke about or a laughing matter because people get anxious and you make people nervous,” He said.

In fact, Dr. Thomas said many parents tried to come to the school to check their children out during the lockdown but he says that could increase the risk of danger.

Coming to the school with the notion that I’m going to get my kid sounds good because you’re fearful but it’s not going to help the situation we never know who could be the shooter,” He said.

After the all-clear and it was deemed a hoax, Enterprise continued the school day and for students who checked out, it would be unexcused.

Within the same hour, Henry County School officials and Headland Police Department were made aware of an active shooter threat at Headland High School.

“It came in saying an active shooter was on the campus and multiple people are dead,” Headland Police Chief Mark Jones said.

All of the schools in Headland were placed on lockdown until that call was deemed a hoax and they immediately returned to school as normal.

One Headland parent, Sidney Davis, checked his child out in an abundance of safety which is excused by the school system.

“You never know what could happen it could be false or real but I’m going to be here for my child because I love my child,” He said.

Chief Jones said the police department along with its law enforcement partners has begun pulling calls in order to find who is responsible for phoning in the scare although that can be a very tough task.

“If we find out who it is, they will be prosecuted to the extent of the law,” Chief Jones said.

Both Enterprise City and Henry County Schools are thankful for law enforcement’s fast response and for keeping students and staff safe.