Local school system pushes for more vaccinations


OZARK, Ala. (WDHN) — Covid-19 cases are ramping back up after a decline just a couple of months ago and now Ozark City Schools are doing their part in trying to get people vaccinated as soon as possible.

“We sent out a survey to our parents asking them our interested level and the purpose is not only to provide the vaccinations but to provide education to our parents and our stakeholders and our students just about COVID-19, what the vaccination is and how it works,” OCS Superintendent Reeivice Girtman said.

Ozark City Schools are the only major school system in the area conducting a vaccination survey. Girtman says they can’t make students and staff get the vaccine but he believes this effort is vital considering the covid numbers in Dale County and the low vaccination rate statewide.

“The vaccination will be Thursday at Perry Rec Center from 9 a.m to 3 p.m. We’ll have local doctors there to be able to answer questions from parents, we have partnered with Ozark pediatrics and we have partnered with Dale Medical Center.

Students will return back to the classroom on August 6 and as of now, masks will not be required. Girtman says he’s getting tons of positive feedback from the survey and of course keeps a positive attitude heading into the school year.

“We’re looking forward to an awesome year our teachers have been doing a lot of training this summer our buildings are getting ready we have a lot of additions coming so we’re excited about this school year for sure,” He said.

Girtman says they will keep a close eye on the data and they’ll be ready to respond if there’s an outbreak.

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