Local schools to improve security


Dothan schools are improving their security measures.

“We’re working tirelessly to maintain safety and security for students, staff, school officials, visitors and parents, or anyone that comes on our campus,” safety director Scott Faulk said.

The schools in Dothan implemented an intercom system that allows the employees inside of the school to see and hear anybody who’s coming to the door.

Parents can ring a bell to get in, while employees have an electric key that lets them in.

“So when our staff members come in, it’s a key-less entry, we hit here, and then we’re in,” Faulk said.

Many of the schools in Dothan have bullet-proof glass at their entrance. They also have security cameras throughout the school, as well as a new security program called raptor.

The program scans a driver’s license and notifies the school if there’s any criminal background.

“Um, I think you know, as time, if I look back on my career, you know, used to we didn’t have the raptor system,” early education center principal, Christy Martin said. “That’s the biggest change that I’ve seen in the past few years. You know, anyone could come and just sign in and we would let them go visit. But now we see a need to really screen anyone that’s in the building because you just don’t know.”

Faulk said his goal is to keep all students, staff members and visitors to the school safe

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