Local sheriff talks motorcycle safety


GENEVA, Ala. (WDHN) — Over the weekend, a motorcycle accident on Highway 123 south in Ozark claimed the life of a Daleville man, and just a couple of weeks before that, 3 bikers were severely injured in a crash in Geneva County.

“Generally as in most accidents, generally speed or inattention winds up being the factor, and that’s what probably is going to be the situation in the one that we have had the other night,” Sheriff Tony Helms said.

Although the cause of the accidents is unknown at the moment, Sheriff Helms says first and foremost it starts with the rider taking all of the safety precautions in efforts to prohibit an accident.

“First off you make sure your motorcycle is in good working condition that’s one of the main things you do, gloves motorcycle helmets make sure you are wearing good footwear. Don’t wear flip-flops when riding on your motorcycle,” He said.

Sheriff Helms, who’s a frequent Harley Davidson rider says it hits home when he sees accidents. The first thing that worries motorcyclists is the people that they share the road with especially during busy times such as spring break or when the roadways are flooded with travelers.

“Motorcycle drivers are just like car drivers you worry about the person and hope the other person you’re meeting is not on the phone texting and paying attention to what’s going on,”

Sheriff Helms said to be courteous and share the road, make sure you look both ways before pulling out so you don’t overlook motorcycles because they are small. Geneva County Sheriffs don’t like working traffic accidents and especially the ones where a life is lost.

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