College football is kicking off tonight and local sports bars are gearing up for the season.
“We’ve been getting our staff ready,” said Amanda Guess, Buffalo Wild Wing’s front house manager. 
“It’s a real big time of year for us, you can feel the energy in the air. We just look forward to this time of the year every year.”
Local businesses excited to see their favorite team hit the field, but more excited to tackle the increase of customers.
“You can definitely see a difference in the business here,” said Guess. “We’re expecting a huge turnout on Saturday.”
“Expecting a big crowd, being very busy, excitement, engaging in conversation with the fans,” said Buffalo Wild Wings waitress, Heather Thomas. “Just getting in football spirit.”
Especially looking forward to the boom in sales.
“We see a huge increase in sales,” said Guess. “This time of year is exactly what carries some of our wait staff throughout the entire year.”
“The beginning of football, those are some of our best weeks of the year, so it’s a really good time,” said Trey Mobley, Beef O’Brady’s owner.
“Of course the money is a benefit so that’s awesome,” said Buffalo Wild Wings waitress Amber Holt.
It’s a win – win situation for all involved.
Sports fans get the perfect environment to watch the game and the restaurant staff electing to receive the benefits.