Local superintendent talks graduation in an unusual year


ABBEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — The Henry County School district has battled the troublesome school year with students receiving their education in the classroom and online.

But as the school year is winding down and graduation is at the forefront, some may be concerned if students are caught up on school work and prepared to graduate ahead of the big day. If virtual learning is not already difficult enough, another problem that students may battle is the internet service in rural areas.

Henry County Schools Superintendent Lori Beasley says they have been keeping a close eye on virtual students that are struggling especially seniors.

“We’ve been contacting parents and guardians and letting them know hey we need to get a plan together to help these students be successful. With that plan, it could be that they are coming back to school to do face-to-face because they actually may need that teacher or they may be coming to do their virtual option at school,” Beasley said.

Beasley says she takes pride in providing as much assistance as she can for students to succeed and most certainly graduate from Henry County, and continue the tradition of having a high graduation rate.

“We don’t wanna just have graduation rates that are high but we wanna make sure our kids as Dr. Mackey said they are gonna be college or career ready,” Beasley said.

And speaking of graduation, unlike last year, Headland will hold its graduation on May 20th in the new gym, and Abbeville will hold graduation in the gym on May 21st.

“Another reason we chose to have it at our venues is to cut down on costs for our senior parents,” She added.

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