DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The city of Dothan and Dothan Utilities is using about 14 million dollars of its American Rescue Plan Act money to fund three major sewer rehabilitation projects.

“All sewer systems have problems, sewers get old and most of these are old clay pipes that were put in like decades ago and as people move in you get more and more flow and you just have to maintain em,” Civil Engineer Andy Yarbrough said.

Those projects are the Baywood sewer extension line that will relocate an existing sewer to another easement to eliminate a pump station and the Beaver Creek Trunk Line.

“Its about a 40 year old pipe we are just relining it necessary maintenance prolonging the life and limiting overflow,” Yarbrough said.

And the B4-52 Sewer Sub Basin project, which is taking place in the garden district — Suncoast contractors are relining and replacing decade old pipes.

Civil engineer Andy Yarbrough says he knows the sewer work can be inconvenience as they have received a few complaints regarding work taking place at night and the smell in the area.

But in the end, its a preventative measure that will go a long way for the city and give residents a peace of mind.

“If there ever is an overflow people will know about you will see and smell it and its not good for the environment people don’t think about sewer till its a problem,” He said.

Two projects will be wrapping up around the end of the year but the B4-52 project is slated to end at the end of next year.