MALVERN, Ala. (WDHN) — Magnolia Grove trailer park residents in Malvern, are feeling the effects of the severe weather that tore through their homes.

As a result of the storm, several pieces of homes can now be seen in the trees across the street.

Many residents in the park say once those possible tornados hit they felt their homes shift with the power of the storm.

Several homes have received extensive damage, including walls being ripped off, foundations being shifted, and one home being lifted from the ground.

Out of all the trailer homes in the park, only a few received no damage at all, the rest are seeing the aftermath of the storm.

One resident, Dazha Cogman, recently moved to the Magnolia Grove Trailer park just a few months ago, neighbors say her home was lifted from its foundation and shifted.

Cogman says she rushed to check on her home, only to find severe damage. Inside her home, her belongings were thrown around, including everything in her children’s room. She says this is what breaks her heart the most.

The Geneva County Sheriff says there have been no injuries or deaths reported as a result of the possible tornadoes.