Man accused of killing wife, children had history of domestic violence


The man accused of killing his wife and three children was arrested 14 months ago on a domestic violence charge against Jerrica Spellman.

Travane Brandon Jackson was arrested in May 2018, according to Muscogee County state court records.

The four murder victims are Jerrica Spellman, 29, King Jackson, 3, Kensley Jackson, 1, and one-month-old Kristen Jackson. Police say they were stabbed to death last night.

Jackson was arrested on June 22, 2013, for possession of marijuana and intention to distribute according to court records. He pleaded guilty on May 12, 2014, and was sentenced to time served and seven years probation.

Later, Jackson was arrested on May 17, 2018, after police were called by Jerrica Spellman to a home in the 500 block of Farr Road, records show.

The case was deferred adjudication in July of last year, pending Jackson attending anger management classes. He also had to pay $140 in court fees.

There was no resolution of the case.

Spellman told police at the time that he pushed her down. Jackson admitted to police to pushing her and said she hit her face on a table.

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