May is National Stroke Awareness Month: how to identify and deter strokes


DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — May is National Stroke Awareness Month and according to the CDC, a stroke occurs in the United States every forty seconds and every four minutes, a stroke turns fatal.

“Nobody is completely immune of not a getting stroke so you have to be very very cautious,” Southeast Health Neuroendovascular Surgeon, Dr. Yogesh Gujrati said.

A stroke happens when blood flow cannot reach the brain to deliver oxygen and nutrients. If you find yourself in a potential stroke situation remember F.A.S.T., or face, arm, speech, and time.

“F is for any asymmetry of your face,” Gujrati said. “If you ask your family member or patient to smile, one side of the face droops. A is arm, so if you have one side of the body weakness. S is speech, so if you ask them to talk and if whatever they are talking is absolutely not making any sense and then T is time to call 9-1-1.”

Dr. Gujrati explained that recently they have added two more letters for symptom association, B for balance and E for eyesight.

But there are ways to prevent a stroke from happening.

“For the common causes, the best thing you can do is, if you have any medical problems, please follow up with your primary care provider,” Dr. Gujrati said. “Make sure you are on top of your health, make sure that you are taking your blood pressure medication regularly. Make sure your sugar levels are well controlled. Make sure your cholesterol is well controlled.”

To find out if you are susceptible to strokes, speak with your physician or visit the American Stroke Association website.

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