DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — The lead investigator of this case says that Hardy Gray died on November 26th and that his body was found three days later by a coworker of his.

The lead investigator says that Cierra Goodson, Mykeila Rowser, Elijah Hazell, and three juveniles rode to Gray’s trailer in Pansey.

In a statement to the Houston County Sheriff’s one of the juveniles said they were going to quote, “Perform a trick and then a robbery would take place”.

The group drove to Gray’s trailer and Goodson got out of the car first and hugged Gray, then Rowser followed the two of them into the trailer.

The investigator says they were at Gray’s trailer to perform a sexual favor and then between 10 and 15 minutes later Hazell and one of the juveniles went into the house,

The juveniles still in the car told deputies that they then heard gunshots and the next thing they saw, were Hazell, Rowser, the juvenile, and Goodson running out of the house and into the car.

Gray was found three days later with multiple gunshot wounds, fully clothed, and lying facedown in his kitchen.

His credit/debit card remains missing

In a statement to investigators, Goodson said, “Follow the credit card and it will identify the shooters.”

Cierra Goodson revealed to Houston County Sheriffs that she fired one shot at Gray.

According to investigators, Goodson used to clean Hardy Gray’s home and was there for him.

DNA evidence is still pending in this case and this will be used to identify everyone who was in the house with Gray.

At this time investigators have not obtained the two guns used in the shooting.

During the hearing, Hazell’s attorneys argue they can’t prove that Hazell was there in the house.

However, Rowser’s attorneys claim that since no interviews were conducted the night Goodson was brought in for questioning, how was it possible to identify Mykeila Rowser as the woman who Goodson said she was with.

The two juveniles charged in this case, had their cases continued to a later date so that the judge has time to meet all the requirements for a juvenile case.

WDHN will continue to follow this case as it continues to move through the court